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Early Birthday Present


Clint Eastwood, actor, director, producer & composer (May 31, 1930- )
TCM will be featuring Clint Eastwood the director as part of his birthday:
Eastwood Directs: The Untold Story (2013) 8:00PM (ET)
White Hunter Black Heart (1990) 9:15PM (ET)
Eastwood Directs: The Untold Story (2013) 11:15PM (ET)
Bird (1988) 12:30AM (ET)

Belated Birthday Present

Bing Crosby stars in Road to Bali (1953) alongside Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour

Bing Crosby stars in Road to Bali (1953) alongside Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour

Bing Crosby, singer & actor (May 3, 1903-October 14, 1977)
TCM will be showing several films today featuring Bing Crosby in honor of his birthday yesterday, May 2nd:
Pennies from Heaven (1936) 2:45PM (ET)
Road to Bali (1953) 4:15PM (ET)
High Society (1956) 6:00PM (ET)

Note: Later in the month TCM will be showing another Road to movie this time to celebrate the birthday of Bob Hope on May 29th featuring: Road to Hong Kong (1962) May 29th 11:30AM (ET)

Another Note: Bing Crosby and his partner Bob Hope were not only born in the same month, but the same year as well.

Happy Belated Birthday


Roger Corman, producer, director & actor (April 5, 1926- )
TCM will be showing several films directed by Roger Corman in honor of his birthday:
Little Shop of Horrors (1960) 9:30AM (ET)

Early Birthday Present

Bette Davis, actress (April 5, 1908- October 6, 1989)
TCM will be showing The Corn is Green in honor of her birthday:
The Corn is Green (1945) 8:00PM (ET)

A Post Birthday Present for Classic Movie Fans


Danny Kaye, singer, dancer & actress (January 18, 1913-March 3, 1987)
TCM will be showing several of Danny’s films on January 20th in honor of her birthday on January 18th:
Up in Arms (1944) 7AM (ET)
Merry Andrew (1958) 8:45AM (ET)
The Dick Cavett Show: Danny Kaye (1971) 10:30AM (ET)
The Kid from Brooklyn (1946) 12PM (ET)
The Inspector General (1949) 2PM (ET)
Me and the Colonel (1958) 4PM (ET)
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1947) 6PM (ET)
Hans Christian Andersen (1963) 8PM (ET)
The Court Jester (1956) 10PM (ET)
A Song is Born (1948) 12AM (ET)
Wonder Man (1945) 2AM (ET)
The  From the Diners’ Club (1963) 4AM (ET)

Note: Danny Kaye was knighted by Queen Margrethe II of Denmark in 1983 for his portrayal of Han Christian Anderson in the 1952 film.

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Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Katy Jurado, actress (1924-2002)
Harry Carey Sr., actor (1878-1947)
Ethel Merman, actress & singer (1908-1984)

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An Early Birthday Present for Classic Movie Fans


Jane Wyman, singer, dancer & actress (January 5, 1917-September 10, 2007)
TCM will be showing several of Jane’s films on January 4th in honor of her birthday on January 5th:
My Love Came Back (1940) 6AM (ET)
The Body Disappears (1941) 7:30AM (ET)
Honeymoon for Three (1941) 8:45 AM (ET)
Larceny, INC (1942) 10:15AM (ET)
The Doughgirls (1944) 12PM (ET)
Night and Day (1946) 1:45PM (ET)
The Yearling (1947) 4PM (ET)
Johnny Belinda (1948) 6:15PM (ET)
Note: Jane was nominated for the Academy award for Best Actress for The Yearling (1946), and she won the award for her role in Johnny Belinda (1948

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