Oscar Worthy Words

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Oscar Worthy Words

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Oscar Worthy Words

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Oscar Worthy Words

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Oscar Worthy Words

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Happy Birthday Zero Mostel!!

04-03-13_Z. Mostel

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Ferdinand Gottschalk, actor (1858-1944)

Geraldine Farrar, soprano opera singer & actress (1882-1967)
Ben Hecht, screenwriter, director, producer, playwright & novelist (1894-1964)
Marcel Pagnol, novelist, playwright & filmmaker (1895-1974)
Vincente Minnelli, director (1903-1986)
Sir Anthony Havelock-Allen, producer & screenwriter (1904-2003)
Barton Hepburn, actor (1906-1955)
Zero Mostel, actor (1915-1977)
Alfred Burke, actor (1918-2011)
Charles Durning, actor (1923-2012)
Stanley Baker, actor & producer (1928-1976)
Galvin Macleod, actor (1931- )
Tommy Tune, actor, dancer, singer, producer & choreographer (1939- )

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


William Demarest, actor (1892-1983)

Edward S. Brophy, actor, voice artist & comedian (1895-1960)
Ian Keith, actor (1899-1960)
Reginald Gardiner, actor (1903-1980)
Franchot Tone, actor (1905-1968)
Joan Bennett, actress (1910-1990)
Dick Crockett, actor, stunt performer, stunt coordinator, producer & director (1915-1979)
Joanne Woodward, actress (1930- )
Elizabeth Taylor, actress (1932-2011)

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Madeleine Carroll, actress (1906-1987)

Amy Veness, actress (1876-1960)
William Frawley, actor (1887-1966)
Stanley J. ‘Tiny’ Sandford, actor (1894-1961)
Jean Negulesco, director & screenwriter (1900-1993)
Dub Taylor, actor (1907-1994)
Dane Clark, actor (1912-1998)
Robert Alda, actor (1914-1986)
Jackie Gleason, actor, comedian & musician (1916-1987)
Michael Pate, actor, writer & director (1920-2008)
Tony Randall, actor & comedian (1920-2004)
Betty Hutton, actress, comedian & singer (1921-2007)
Cliff Osmond, actor (1937-2012)

Happy Birthday Jim Backus!!

02-24-16_J. Backus

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