Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Nella Walker, actress & vaudeville performer (1886-1971)

Guy Kibbee, actor (1882-1956)
George Anderson, actor (1886-1948)
Victor Kilian, actor (1891-1979)
Barry Jones, actor (1893-1981)
Gus Meins, director (1893-1940)
Jay C. Flippen, actor (1899-1971)
Ludwig Donath, actor (1900-1967)
Merritt Hulburd, producer (1903-1939)
Hugh Williams, actor (1904-1969)
Lou Costello, actor & comedian (1906-1959)
Arnold Albert, director & producer (1912-2005)
Virginia Gregg, actress (1916-1986)
Rochelle Hudson, actress (1916-1972)
James Edwards, actor (1918-1970)
Allison Hayes, actress (1930-1977)

Happy Birthday Henry Travers!!

03-05-14_H. Travers

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


George Meeker, actor (1904-1984)

Henry Travers, actor (1874-1965)
Walter Long, actor (1879-1952)
William Stack, actor (1882-1949)
Henry Daniell, actor (1894-1963)
Laslo Benedek, director & cinematographer (1905-1992)
Rex Harrison, actor (1908-1990)
Virginia Christine, actress (1920-1996)
Mario Brega, actor (1923-1994)
Tommy Baker, actor (1925-1995)
Joan Shawlee, actress (1926-1987)
Dean Stockwell, actor (1936- )
Samantha Eggar, actress (1939- )
Eddie Hodges, actor (1947- )

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Rafaela Ottiano, actress (1888-1942)

Stuart Walker, producer & director (1888-1941)
Pearl Fay White, actress (1889-1938)
Dorothy Mackaill, actress (1903-1990)
Edgar Barrier, actor (1907-1964)
Dorothy Burgess, actress (1907-1961)
John Garfield, actor (1913-1952)
Ward Kimball, animator (1914-2002)
William Alland, actor, producer, writer & director (1916-1997)
Martha O’Driscoll, actress (1922-1998)
Joan Greenwood, actress (1921-1987)
Paula Prentiss, actress (1938- )

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Florence Auer, actress (1880-1962)

Olaf Hytten, actor (1888-1955)
Edmund Lowe, actor (1890-1971)
Willie Fung, actor (1896-1945)
Edna Best, actress (1900-1974)
Ruby Dandridge, actress (1900-1987)
“Adrian” Adolph Greenberg, costume designer (1903-1959)
Mayo Methot, actress (1904-1951)
Canada Lee, actor (1907-1952)
Jean Harlow, actress (1911-1937)
Wally Cassell, actor (1912-2015)
Harold J. Stone, actor (1913-2005)
Charlotte Henry, actress (1914-1980)
Cathy Downs, actress (1926-1976)
Bobby Driscoll, actor (1937-1968)
Tomas Milian, actor (1933- )

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Wallis Clark, actor (1882-1961)

Willis H. O’Brien, special effects & stop-motion animation pioneer (1886-1962)
Felix Bressart, actor (1892-1949)
William Haade, actor (1903-1966)
Marjorie Weaver, actress (1913-1994)
Martin Ritt, director, actor & playwright (1914-1990)
Desi Arnaz, actor, musician & television producer (1917-1986)
Jennifer Jones, actress (1919-2009)
Tamara Toumanova, prima ballerina & actress (1919-1996)

Happy Birthday Jennifer Jones!!

04-17-13_J. Jones

Wednesday Hollywood Words

03-02-16_D. Arnaz

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Wilson Benge, actor (1875-1955)

Lionel Atwill, actor (1885-1946)
Paul Hartman, actor (1904-1973)
Glenn Miller, big band musician, arranger, composer, and bandleader (1904-1944)
David Niven, actor (1910-1983)
O.Z. Whitehead, actor (1911-1998)
Jack Clayton, director (1921-1995)
Harry Belafonte, singer, songwriter & actor (1927- )
Ron Howard, actor, director & producer (1954- )

Classic Hollywood Birthdays

Jimmy Dorsey, jazz clarinetist, saxophonist, trumpeter, composer & big band leader (1904-1957)

Alice Davenport, actress (1864-1936)
William A. Wellman, actor & director (1896-1975)
Dinah Shore, television personality, singer & actress (1916-1994)
Arthur Franz, actor (1920-2006)
James Mitchell, actor & dancer (1920-2010)
Edward Faulkner, actor & director (1932- )

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